Shields Class Sailing Association


Section II


Section Table of Contents

I - Definitions

II - Registered Yachts

III - Applications and Dues

IV - Fleets

V - Officers

VI - Governing Board and Committees

VII - Meeting of Members

  1. Definitions
    1. A word or expression, the meaning of which is defined in the Constitution or Specifications, shall have the same meaning when used herein.

    2. The expression "for good cause shown" as used in the Constitution shall include:

      1. failure to comply with any provision of the Constitution, By-Laws or Specifications;
      2. unsportsmanlike conduct; and
      3. any other action or inaction inconsistent with the objectives or best interests of the Association.
    3. Methods of contact of the Association to Member(s) shall include first class mail, telephone, email and/or other Governing Board approved electronics means.

    4. A Meeting for the purpose of Association business shall include in-person or electronic meetings.

  2. Registered Yachts
    1. A Registered Yacht is a Shields Class yacht:

      1. which has been constructed by an authorized builder designated in Section 2.2;
      2. for new Registered Yachts, the authorized builder shall deliver to the National Measurer a certificate executed by the authorized builder and in such form as the Governing Board may require, establishing that such yacht complies with the Specifications.
    2. The authorized builders designated by the Association are as follows:

      NameYacht Numbers
      Cape Cod Shipbuilding Company1-20
      Chris Craft Corporation21-190
      Henry R. Hinckley & Company191-200
      Cape Cod Shipbuilding Company201 and above
    3. A yacht's status as a Registered Yacht shall be unaffected by any change in its ownership. A yacht shall cease to be a Registered Yacht only if:

      1. the National Measurer determines that it does not comply with the Specifications; or
      2. the Fleet in which such yacht is normally sailed determines that it does not comply with the Specifications and so notifies the Measurer.
    4. Any yacht which ceases to be a Registered Yacht may be reinstated as such if the National Measurer determines that its failure to comply with the Specification has been rectified.

  3. Applications and Dues
    1. Annual dues are required for each Registered Yacht participating in any Association or Fleet sponsored event.

    2. Applications for Active Membership and applications for Associate Membership shall state:

      1. the name and contact address of the applicant;
      2. the number of the Registered Yacht with which the applicant is associated;
      3. the name of the Registered yacht;
      4. the names of all other owners, co-owners, charterers, co-charterers or helmsmen associated with the Registered Yacht;
      5. the Fleet of which the applicant is a member or, if none, a statement that such yacht is not normally sailed within the territory of a Fleet; and
      6. the class of membership for which application is made.
    3. All applications, other than those referred to in Section 3.2, shall contain the information required by subsecs (a) and (f) thereof and, in addition, a statement of the nature of the applicant's interest in the Association.

    4. All applications shall be accompanied by the full amount of the current dues for the applicable class of membership.

    5. Dues shall be prescribed by the Association as annual dues.

      Registered Yacht and one Active Member (Skipper or regular Helmsperson)$50
      Active Member (each additional Skipper or regular Helmsperson)$15
      Associate Member$10
    6. All dues shall be payable on June 1 of each year. Any member's failure to pay in full his dues or his yacht's dues on or before said date shall automatically terminate his membership in the Association. Any such terminated member shall be reinstated as a member only with the approval of the Governing Board upon payment of the dues.

    7. An owner of more than one Registered yacht may become an Active Member upon payment of dues in respect of one or more of such Registered Yachts, but the number of votes which such owner shall have the right to cast at any meeting of members shall be equal to the number of such Registered yachts in respect of which dues have been paid.

    8. Each Fleet shall have the obligation to remit to the Association all Association dues payable by the members of such Fleet. In the event of the Fleet's failure to do so, the provisions of Section 3.6 shall apply to such members.

    9. Associate Members shall be entitled to receive all notices and other mailings of the Association which are sent to Active Members.

    See Status of Registered Yachts Owned by Institutions

  4. Fleets
    1. For the current list of Fleets chartered by the Association see the web site (

    2. Any dispute between Fleets as to their territorial boundaries shall be determined by the Governing Board.

    3. Each Fleet shall file an annual report with the Secretary of the Association on or before June 1st of each year. The report shall include the names and numbers of the Registered Yachts in the Fleet; the names and addresses of the members and officers of the Fleet; and such information, as the Secretary may require.

  5. Officers
    1. The number of Vice Presidents shall be six.

  6. Governing Board and Committees
    1. Governing Board
      1. Meetings of the Governing Board may be held upon the call of the President, and the President shall call a meeting upon the request of any two other members of the Governing Board. Such meetings shall be held at such time and manner as the President shall determine.
      2. Notice of any meeting shall be given by any Board approved method not less than three days prior thereto.
    2. Executive Committee

      The Executive Committee may meet at any time and place. No notice of any meeting shall be required.

    3. Nominating Committee
      1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least three Active Members, none of whom shall be an officer of the Association. A majority of its members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting and may determine any issue.
      2. The Nominating Committee shall nominate one candidate to fill each office in the Association and shall file its report with the Secretary not less than 30 days prior to the annual meeting of members.
    4. National Championship Committee

      A National Championship Committee shall be appointed each year by the President, with the approval of the Governing Board, to manage the National Championship Regatta. It shall act in accordance with the provisions of Section VI.

    5. Action Without Meeting

      Any Action required or permitted to be taken at any meeting of the Governing Board, the Executive Committee, or any other committee, may be taken without a meeting if:

      1. such action is in writing, or confirmed in writing;
      2. a copy of such writing is mailed or electronically transmitted to each member of such board or committee; and
      3. such action is approved by the requisite number of members of such board or committee by signing either a copy of such writing or a separate writing expressing such approval (including electronically). The name of the member shall constitute his signature thereon.
    6. Meeting via Communication Equipment

      Any or all members of the Governing Board or any committee may participate in a meeting by means of a conference telephone, remote telecommunication, or any similar communication equipment in which all persons participating in the meeting are able to hear and communicate with one another, and participation by such means shall constitute presence in person at the meeting. Remote communication participation must be accomplished through means by which the participant’s identity can be verified.

  7. Meeting of Members
    1. Notice in General

      Notice of all meetings of members shall be given to all Active Members by an approved contact method not less than 20 days prior to the meeting; notice to a Fleet Contact at the address on file with the Association shall constitute notice to all Active Members who are members of such Fleet.

    2. Annual Meetings
      1. Notice. The notice of an annual meeting shall contain the names of the candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee for each office of the Association if an election is scheduled, and a general statement of any other items of business proposed by the Governing Board.
      2. Election of Officers. If an election is scheduled, any Active Member present in person at an annual meeting may nominate a candidate or candidates for any office or offices in addition to those nominated by the Nominating Committee. The candidate for each office who obtains a plurality of the ballots cast for such office shall be elected.
      3. Other Business. Any other business may be transacted at any annual meeting without notice thereof, except that notice shall be given of any proposed amendment to the Constitution, By-Laws or Specifications, or any proposed expulsion of a member or Fleet.
    3. Other Meetings

      The notice of any meeting of members, other than an annual meeting, shall contain a general statement of all items of business proposed to be transacted, and no other business shall be transacted at such meeting.

    4. Proxies

      Any member entitled to vote may, by a written proxy signed by such member, authorize any other person to vote in his behalf at any meeting. In the absence of instructions as to voting contained in the proxy, such person shall be deemed authorized to vote in accordance with his own judgment. No proxy shall be valid unless filed with the Secretary, or if not present, other presiding officer at or before the exercise thereof. The presence of a member in person shall invalidate any proxy given by him.

By-Laws pertaining to the National Championship Regatta are included as part of Section VI.