Shields 2006 National Championship

Wednesday, August 9, 2006 - Saturday, August 12, 2006


Beverly Yacht Club
99 Water Street
Marion, MA 02738
Phone: 508-748-0540
FAX: 508-748-0771

Marion Map

By Land: car
  1. From Route 195 (East Or West), take exit 20, Rt 105/Front Street South, "Marion".
  2. Continue across Rt 6 along Front Street and go past Tabor Academy.
  3. Proceed past Island Wharf and the post office to Main Street.
  4. Take a left (towards the water) on Main Street.
  5. At the end of Main Street is Beverly Yacht Club and Water Street.
  6. Please park only in legal locations.
By Sea: car
  1. Sippican Harbor (Marion, MA) is located in northern portion of Buzzards Bay (see chart # 13230).
  2. From centerboard shoal (R "2") follow a NNE course to red nun "6". Keep cans "3" and "5" to port side.
  3. Enter the inner harbor keeping can "7" to port side.
  4. Turn northerly at (starboard side) red flasher (R "8").
  5. Keep can "9" to port side and follow the channel (approximately NNE course).
  6. Beverly Yacht Club is on the western shore of the inner harbor. There is no docking at Beverly Yacht Club.
  7. Locate and tie-up to your assigned mooring. Do not pickup any mooring not specifically assigned to your vessel.
  8. Use channel 68 to call for the "Beverly Yacht Club launch" for transportation to Beverly Yacht Club (and for help with locating a mooring).