Shields National Class Association
Shields Nationals at Larchmont Yacht Club

Class Coffee Table Book

As part of the celebration of 50 years of the Shields Nationals Regatta, the Class Association will produce a coffee table book for display and for sale/distribution at the regatta. A One design Class Association couldn't turn 50 years old without a lot of rich history and fun "tall tales". So....

  1. Can you think of some of your fleet members who may have Shields stories they are willing to contribute toward the content of the book? Here are some questions which may help you/them get started:
    • Do you remember the first time you sailed/raced about a Shields?
    • Tell us about how or why you bought a Shields?
    • Which boats have you owned or sailed aboard?
    • What are some of your fondest memories? Funniest? Most Challenging?
    • What are some of the places you've raced a Shields?
    • What were some of the more memorable Shields events?
  2. A large part of any coffee table book is photos and images. We want your fleet members photographs, old SI's, drawings, clippings, fleet or club imagery. (Please keep in mind that some of what you contribute may end up on the cutting room floor, but we'd love the book to include some of what you have experienced over the years).

If you have something to share please:

  1. Email your stories and any small files of pictures etc to:
  2. For large files (e.g. videos), please upload them directly to: 2014 Nationals Media on google drive. You will need to login using the following email, and PW of 2014D0CS.

If anyone in your fleet would prefer to be interviewed as opposed to writing back to us, just let us know. We have set a deadline of May 31 for content as we will need time pull things together and edit, so please do not delay!

If you have any questions, please email Com Crocker at We look forward to learning how the Shields has shaped how your fleet members view of sailing and one design racing. We look forward to celebrating the 50th with your fleet!