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The Shields Class Foundation website is now open and interested in donations of cash and Shields (boat, sails, equipment and trailers). The mission of the Foundation is To preserve authentic one-design yacht racing competition and culture through the introduction and education of new adult and youth sailors to Shields Class sailing everywhere.

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Shields Ocean - Great Lakes Challenge Cup

Shields Fleet #10 and the Beverly Yacht Club (Organizing Authority) with support from Fleet #8

Rescheduled and Notice of Race posted for June 11-13, 2021

Registration is now open.

The Shields Ocean-Great Lakes Challenge Cup in 2021 will occur on June 11-13, 2021 on Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts with the Organizing Authority (OA) Shields Fleets 10 (Marion, MA) and the Beverly Yacht Club with support from Shields Fleet 8 (Edgartown, MA).

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The 57th Shields National Championship Regatta

SEPTEMBER 22 - 25, 2021 - Tred Avon Yacht Club - Oxford, MD

The 2021 Nationals Planning Committee is already at work to make the 57th National Championship Regatta one to remember. We are aiming for record attendance and as a result of our early registration drive ending September 26, 2020 we already have 24 pre-registrations.

US Sailing
The Shields Technical Committee and National Measurer have authorized experimentation of a full length top batten on the mainsail. See discussion. See some of the pictures of a mainsail in Monterey, CA and let us know your opinion.

NYYC Annual Regatta

New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta

October 2 - 4, 2020 Newport, RI

Thank you to the New York Yacht Club for a great event. Congratulations to John Burnham and Reed Baer for winning both the Friday and weekend events.

October 2, 2020 (Friday Event)
1107GraceJohn Burnham/ Reed Baer3311 8.0
2237Bit~O~HoneyKen Deyett1133 8.0
3121MahiDavid Bush-Brown2224 10.0
4245HawkPeter Siegl5642 17.0
5160DiversionRobin Monk4455 18.0
6238White RabbitRichard Robbins6566 23.0
7204PrudenceKelsy Patnaude7715/DNS15/DNS 44.0
October 3 -4, 2020 (Weekend Event)
1107GraceJohn Burnham / Reed Baer21115 10.0
2254AeolusP Thomas Hirsch12236 14.0
3 33MaverickTed Slee66621 21.0
4237Bit~O~HoneyKen Deyett54862 25.0
5258TinkyAlex Hood98543 29.0
6 26TangoKaren Ronan4101157 37.0
7181HelenDirk Johnson837815/DNC 41.0
8121MahiDavid Bush-Brown311310/TLE15/DNC 42.0
9238White RabbitRichard Robbins145410/TLE10 43.0
10160DiversionRobin Monk79910/TLE8 43.0
11245HawkPeter Siegl11715/DNF10/TLE4 47.0
12205NemesisJonathan Krumeich13121079 51.0
13151MeanderScott Foberg10141310/TLE11 58.0
14204PrudenceKelsy Patnaude12131210/TLE12 59.0


2019 Regatta Logo

The 55th Shields National Championship Regatta


Congratulations to Tom Hirsh and Tim Dawson of Newport, RI for winning the regatta. Congratulations to Fleet #10, Marion, MA for winning the Fleet Trophy with places of 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Thank you to the Chicago Yacht Club and Fleet #3 for hosting the regatta.

Special thanks to Karen I. Hirsch Photography for her pictures and video.


Shields Ocean - Great Lakes Challenge Cup

Shields Class Sailing Association and the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club (Organizing Authority)

April 26 to April 28, 2019
Monterey, CA

WinnersCongratulations to Eric Anderson and his MPYC team sailing Shields 191 for winning the regatta. Pictured are (left to right): Rob Vann, Doug Deppe, Jon Dean, Randy Shore, and Eric Anderson. Lily Robnett (not shown).
Thank you to the hosts and participants for a great regatta.

Regatta Home Results

The next Shields Ocean - Great Lakes Challenge Cup will be in Marion, MA on June 26 to 28, 2020. Please mark your calendar and plan for another great event.

The Shields Class Governing Board on May 13, 2020 has unanimously adopted a new rules for the Basic Rules Governing Measurements and Inspections and these will go into effect in 60 days if no fleet raises objections.

The new rule requires each Fleet Measurer to inspect and measure Registered Yachts sufficiently to certify, that all Registered Yachts so measured and inspected conform to the Specifications and the mast step location should be measured every two years.

The new rule is now incorporated into the Rules. For comparison see the old section.

The Shields Class Governing Board on April 14, 2020 has unanimously adopted new rules for the National Regatta and these will go into effect in 60 days if no fleet raises objections.

The new rules are now incorporated into the Rules. For comparison see the old section. The new rules have the following highlights:

  • Two races minimum required for a National Championship,
  • Course lengths can be 3 to 6 miles and if shortened must be 3 legs (two windward) and at least 3 miles,
  • Time limit for first leg is 45 minutes, 120 minutes for first finisher with 20 minute finishing window. After finishing window yachts scored two plus number of finishers.
  • More guidance is given to the race officer as to maximum winds,
  • Prioritize more races up to maximum of eight over 6 mile required courses.